Pathway to Church Planting



If you feel that God is leading you to plant a church, we encourage you to first connect with Don Matchett (Missions Director for Arkansas Free Will Baptists). 
Call:  501-329-8193
Mailing Address: 2105 Harkrider, Conway, AR 72032

First Interview

After the candidate has contacted the Missions Director,  the Missions Director will set up a one on one interview that can be conducted either over the phone or face to face.

Personal Profile

The candidate will create a personal profile of his testimony, calling to ministry and a short description of where, how, why he will plant a church.


Candidates will then fill out a questionnaire about their qualifications as a church planter, on doctrine and qualifications as a minister.


The next step assess the candidate through a rigorous assessment that will help determine the likelihood of being successful at planting a church.  Every candidate must be willing to be professionally assessed. We will follow what the assessment.  NO EXCEPTIONS! 


Candidates will prepare a proposal that includes all aspects of the prospective church plant, who the target group will be, and any specifics of the church plant project.  In short, the proposal should show how the candidate will fill a particular need in the community that is not being met already.


Then a team will examine the demographics of the prospective church plant to determine how a new church plant would best fit the needs of the community in questions. This will be based on age, family structure, race, education, income levels, numbers of evangelical churches, as well as religious influences and faith involvement.  This analysis will further our understanding of how a candidate’s proposal fulfills a need in the prospective church plant community.

Site Visit

If the process continues forward, a site visit will be necessary.   This may be conducted by the Missions Director or a subcommittee of the Arkansas Free Will Baptist Missions Board or the Mission Board as a whole.  The candidate may or may not be present during the site visit.

Board Interview

At this point in the process, all the homework has been done, and the candidate will appear before the Arkansas Free Will Baptist Mission Board.  The Mission Board will have the final say and will accept or deny the application at this time. They will make their determination based on prayer, the candidates qualification,  the facts presented, the potential for success, and the availability of funds.